The time has come: The new car is ready for collection, the anticipation is noticeable and thoughts revolve around the first trip.

Get a free ride to your new car

There is usually still the need to get rid of the old car at this point. There are a number of different ways to do this, but they vary greatly in terms of time and yield.

From private to private: Opportunities on the free market

The classic is still the advertisement for the used car. Internet portals have left advertising papers and newspapers far behind here. A neatly formulated advertisement with attractive photos of a well-kept car will quickly attract many interested parties. Who can show a service and maintenance history as complete as possible, increases its chances on a high net yield. An honestly and comprehensively presented vehicle stands out from the crowd of thousands of comparable other cars.

However, the cost of this sales channel should not be underestimated. The production of the advertisement is thereby the smaller part. Who wants to sell a popular vehicle type, must count on a large flood of inquiries in short time. Dates for inspections and test drives can become genuine time guzzlers. Who wants to sell however a little inquired model, which is besides no longer top in shot, waits under circumstances long time vergeens for seriously meant inquiries.

Estimate purchase prices correctly

A realistic price is also decisive for successful sales. Comparative prices for similar vehicles can be found in relevant online portals. The prices correspond however rather to the desire conceptions of the salesmen, instead of the actual market values. One can help oneself with the well-known Eurotax vehicle evaluation, for example, in which the used car values of thousands of models with different equipment are listed. This list also serves dealers as a basis for pricing.

Other providers of vehicle valuations, after determining an initial estimated price, carry out a free individual examination of the car and at the end show the actual value on the basis of the maintenance condition and traces of use. A helpful comparison between the Eurotax vehicle evaluation and alternatives that evaluate two-story vehicles shows the advantages and disadvantages of both options.

Sale to a commercial dealer - fast and cheap?

Who is not willing to invest time and effort for a private car sale, should offer the car at different commercial dealers. Here, too, popular models with typical equipment for the vehicle class are often purchased, because the dealers hope for a quick resale. But also less demanded cars can be sold, in the end it is all a question of price. In any case, good care, maintenance invoices and a hopefully complete service booklet increase the dealer's interest.

Dealers are here differently secured and many of them take over as free service the deregistration of the vehicle. It is recommendable in any case to have the sales proceeds paid out in cash, so possible fraud is excluded with transfers.

Once the sale of the old used car has been successfully completed, nothing stands in the way of the first exit in the new car.

Buying a Car Online

You have taken a well-earned break, the sun is shining and just waiting to welcome you at your door. What could be nicer than spending this time in a car house? ou see it differently? So can we! With us you can order your personal new car from the comfort of your deckchair in the garden at top conditions online.

But who's "we"?

We, the Cargate team, satisfy our customers by providing them with inexpensive new cars. Our young team has reworked an outdated system, expanded the supply network and overcome the language barrier. With the help of our easy-to-use configurator, you can now put together your own car from almost any brand, which you can pick up from us in Zurich. Furthermore, we also work together with external partners to be able to offer you a trade-in of your used car or financing of the new car.

During our activity we could satisfy the wishes of our constantly growing customer base, as they kindly informed us, to their satisfaction. To ensure that this remains so, we are constantly working on improving ourselves and our range of services. For example, we are already planning a cooperation with a tyre dealer and a larger commercial location.

Which car is right for me?

That depends entirely on you. You should be aware in advance what is important to you: Do I mostly drive alone or do I need a multi-seater? How much space do I need or would I like to have in the boot? Am I dependent on a high degree of manoeuvrability? On which surface do I drive most of the time?

Answer the above questions and ask yourself more to find out which vehicle type is right for you - whether a sports car, small city car, off-road SUV with all-wheel drive or spacious station wagon. In addition, the question of motorisation still arises. If you travel more and more short distances in the city, a petrol engine or an electrically powered car, for example, could be an option; as a frequent driver, a vehicle with a diesel engine could be used wherever possible (as a new car, of course, it complies with the Euro 6 emissions standard). Please note that the amount of the traffic tax depends among other things on it. On the homepage of the road traffic office you have the possibility to calculate the tax. In this context you should also think about the insurance costs. The amount of the premium depends to a large extent on the type class classification of the new car.

The classification, in turn, is the insurer's concern: the more drivers of the same model are accident-free and the less this model has been stolen, the lower the classification and thus the insurance premium. The age of the owner and that of the youngest driver also contribute to this. This leads straight to the next question, namely that of protection.

Liability insurance is compulsory in Switzerland for a motor vehicle that is to take part in road traffic. It covers damage caused by the owner's vehicle to another vehicle or its occupants. For a more comprehensive protection, which also includes the own car, a comprehensive insurance must be concluded. The policyholder can opt for partial or fully comprehensive insurance. The partial cover usually covers damage caused by fire and explosion, theft (also of car parts), storms (such as hail), wildlife accidents or broken glass. However, damage caused personally by the owner is not covered by the insurance. If you also want to be insured for such damage, you must take out comprehensive cover. In addition to the partial cover, it also covers damage caused by accidents caused by your own negligence as well as damage caused by vandalism. In any case, it is worth taking a look at the small print, as the insurance companies handle the damage covers differently, also with regard to consequential damage.

In principle, fully comprehensive insurance is recommended for new vehicles within the first four years of purchase; partial comprehensive insurance for vehicles that are not older than eight years, as the insurance companies only cover the current value of the vehicle. Furthermore, as a future policyholder you should reconsider your decision every year. The reason for this is the loss in value of the vehicle, which means that from a certain point in time a premium no longer pays off.

Which equipment suits me best?

Once you have decided on a model, the question of the appropriate (special) equipment is just one of the things that arises. Are they "switches" or do you shift gears, i.e. manual transmission or fully automatic? Little by little, the automatic transmission replaces the manual transmission, because nowadays it works more efficiently and is more comfortable. The times when the manual transmission was the only way to achieve the lowest possible consumption at full power have gone by. Nevertheless, the question of shifting often remains one of feeling and driving ability. Are you a frequent driver on long distances? Then you should consider whether cruise control might be an option for you; your back will thank you for a lumbar support. If you are increasingly travelling in urban environments, a navigation system and parking assistant will be of great use. The children often go with you? So you might think of darkened windows and an entertainment system.

And how does the car purchase work with us?

Our user-friendly configurator enables you to purchase a new car online at a reasonable price in a few simple steps. At the beginning, select the manufacturer, model and vehicle type of your new car to be configured. You have the possibility to choose from 25 manufacturers. Once you have decided on a motorisation, the colour and wheels to match your type, you can put together the upholstery, packages and special equipment for your dream car in the following steps. Is your dream brand or model not listed in our system? Contact us and we will take care of an offer for you.

Almost done: At the end of the configuration process, you have everything in view again and can request your new car without obligation. All we need are your data and you will immediately receive your personal offer. You like the offer and the car is as you imagined it to be? Perfect, then all you have to do is sign the agency contract attached to the offer and send it to us together with a legible copy of your identity card or passport. In addition, a deposit of 10% of the net price is required.

As soon as we have received all the necessary documents, we can confirm your order within one week after consultation with our representatives abroad. This means that the vehicle has already been ordered. The delivery takes place on time and after payment of the remaining purchase price. Payment is made on account before collection of the vehicle (5 days after invoicing) or by settlement via Zurich attorney escrow account. We take over the transport, customs clearance, Co2 sanction optimisation, MFK examination and approval in Switzerland - no additional costs arise. Your vehicle will then be waiting for collection in our warehouse at Zurich Airport.

Why should I buy on the Internet and not from a retailer?

As so often, there are advantages and disadvantages here as well. One of the biggest advantages of the Internet purchase is the price, here larger savings can be obtained than with the specialized dealer. The aspect that shopping on the Internet generally brings with it, also comes to bear when buying a new car: As a customer, you are not bound to any opening hours and can make your purchase comfortably from home. Furthermore, when buying on the Internet, you have the option of choosing a suitable vehicle from a wide range of different brands; specialist dealers, on the other hand, are usually tied to a specific brand.

On the other hand, in contrast to Internet purchases, specialist dealers give you the opportunity to test drive and inspect the vehicle of your choice before you buy it. In addition, specialist dealers can offer you dealer financing (three-way financing), which is often not easily possible online. So that nothing goes wrong with the on-line purchase of your dream car, you should inform yourselves in the apron about the dealer to determine whether it concerns here a respectable one. Have a look on his homepage and check or read the terms and conditions and the imprint; if you want to know exactly, have a look in the commercial register. Order documents or any contracts you should print or save of course.

Good to know: In Switzerland, since 1 January 2013, legislators have prescribed a two-year warranty period for movable property. In the case of a car purchase, this guarantee comes into force as soon as you sign the purchase contract and the car keys are handed over to you. Such liability for a material defect is effective in the event of any deviation of the condition of the vehicle from the contractual agreement and functions according to the principle of reversal of the burden of proof. It is not you as the buyer who have to prove a defect in the vehicle, but in case of doubt the seller has to prove that the new vehicle is free of defects.

This may hardly play a role in the case of an obvious impairment of the functionality or appearance of the vehicle, but it does play a role if, for example, technical defects are involved which do not occur permanently but can only be identified after extensive trial or test drives.

If the two years after the purchase have elapsed, the manufacturer's warranty applies in the case of defects. It is usually limited to up to five years and often to certain vehicle parts, depending on which vehicle it is.

Direct Import?

Direct import means the import of vehicles into Switzerland which were not originally intended or designed for the Swiss market. Therefore these vehicles often have a more extensive basic equipment. We take over any administrative work and import the vehicle for you. For all direct imports, the full manufacturer's guarantee applies throughout Europe. The only thing you come into contact with regarding direct imports is the unbeatable price we can offer you.

How can you Be so Cheap?

The high discounts of up to 46% have different reasons. One reason is, for example, that other European countries in which our suppliers are based have different taxes or levy additional taxes. We import your future vehicle from these countries. Any currency fluctuations will also enable us to offer you a favourable car purchase price.

What do I pay attention to when picking up?

It is best to work your way from the outside to the inside. This means: first check the car for damage to the paintwork and/or scratches before working your way to the tyres and rims. Afterwards you check all openings: Can doors, engine compartment, fuel filler cap and boot lid be opened and closed properly? Once inside, inspect the carpet, seat covers and fittings for possible damage. Also check whether the extra equipment you ordered has been installed.

How can I finance a new car?

For some it is still true: only cash is truth. The fastest option for seller and buyer is cash payment. Possession is transferred immediately and the transaction is fully settled. In addition, you can finance the car by credit. This has the advantage that you can adjust the monthly instalments for the repayment of the loan according to your financial circumstances. Ask your house bank about this or compare the offers with the help of our external partner AS Finanz GmbH.

Furthermore the possibility of the additional trade-in of your used car is still mentioned. Especially older models have the possibility to achieve a good value. As we, the Cargate team, are not able to take your vehicle in payment, we have joined forces with an external partner to offer you this service.

Sounds reasonable!

If we haven't been able to answer all your questions yet, or if any questions should arise during the configuration process, we will of course be happy to assist you at any time by telephone on 044 586 44 41 or via e-mail ( We wish you a lot of fun searching, configuring, ordering and soon driving your dream car and look forward to welcoming you as a happy and hopefully long-standing customer.

Build New Cars Correctly

The market economy of a nation or region always reflects society to a certain extent. If you look at the market today, you will quickly see that it demands an ever higher degree of individualization.

As a result, it is no longer a problem to order specially designed shoes or muesli made to order. The times in which everyone was satisfied with uniform mass produced goods seem to be over. In order to meet this demand, suppliers must be able to react individually to customer enquiries and calculate offers promptly. A suitable means for this is the use of configurators, which can guarantee short reaction times and error-free offers.

Especially the automotive industry is predestined for the use of online configurators and so it is not surprising that they are now used by all major car manufacturers. With just a few clicks, the customer can, for example, combine color, upholstery or special equipment of the new car almost at will. However, configurators are often more difficult to access in practice.

Since the manufacturers want to stand out clearly from each other, the marketing departments in the industry like to think up different names for the same thing (for example, Audi's S-tronic gearbox is the counterpart to VW's dual-clutch gearbox (DSG)). This means effort for the customer: He now has to inform himself on the manufacturer's website with the help of occasionally poor explanations linked to further information, in order to find out what lies behind the designations. Looking at the online construction kits of some manufacturers, the following can be said:

The first step is to select the car to be customized. Afterwards, the customer is guided from the configurator from the engine to the special equipment; by and large, there are few differences here. Seat, VW and Opel, for example, rely on a 360° view of the vehicle while manufacturers such as BMW, Kia Motors or Audi use decisive photos. Furthermore, it should be mentioned that the companies Opel and Ford unfortunately do without any memory functions for a later retrieval of the desired car.

Ford, Skoda and also Kia seem to have dedicated themselves to the motto "short and sweet" with regard to their construction kit; unfortunately also with regard to existing information, searching for it costs time. Unfortunately Skoda seems a bit confusing in the area of optional extras and packages. Nissan seems to offer different configurators depending on the model: While the configuration for the Qashqai, for example, seems understandable and modern, it seems unimposing for other models due to the lack of representations of the car and, above all, not very transparent with regard to price. The online configurators of Toyota, Opel and VW convince with clarity and lots of information. Toyota and Opel animate when putting together additionally still to the helpful direct comparison of different models. The new car configurators from BMW and Audi are also striking. They are clear and easy to understand, informative and beyond that attractively designed.

Enclosed is a table of the configurators of the manufacturers whose models you can import through us:

Alfa Romeo Clear, Informative Configurator
Audi Clear, Informative Configurator
BMW Clear, Informative Configurator
Citroen Comparison possible, price instransparent Configurator
Fiat Clear, Informative Configurator
Ford Short and sweet, no memory functions Configurator
Hyundai 360 View, transparent Configurator
Jaguar 360 View, Logical Configurator
Jeep 3Clear, Informative Configurator
KIA Short and Sweet, detailed live changes Configurator
Land Rover 360 view, logical Configurator
Mazda 360 view, non-transparent in price Configurator
Mercedes Benz 360 View, logical Configurator
Mini Price transparent, many advertising terms Configurator
Nissan Not uniform Configurator
Opel 360 View, no memory functions Configurator
Peugeot Price transparent, understandable Configurator
Porsche 360 view, motor sound playable3 Configurator
Seat 60 view, changes are partly not displayed Configurator
Skoda Short and sweet, confusing regarding extras Configurator
Toyota Comparison possible, abundant information Configurator
VW 360 view, transparent in price Configurator