Warranty & Insurance


Normal factory warranties apply throughout Europe. For many brands, you can also purchase additional warranties and extended warranties offered by the manufacturer.

For inspections, repairs, etc., you can freely choose the manufacturer's authorised workshop without losing your warranty claims.

Warranty Extension

Should you be dissatisfied with the manufacturer's guarantee length, we can now offer you an extension of the manufacturer's guarantee in cooperation with our partner Quality 1 AG. The guarantee can be extended by 12 or 24 months.

A warranty extension is only possible if you conclude the warranty extension within the factory warranty period. In order to conclude the warranty for you, a copy of the vehicle registration document is required.

You can read the complete warranty extension conditions in this PDF.


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Did you know that you can change your insurance every time you buy a car - and this completely independent of the contract term?

A premium comparison is therefore always worthwhile. Since offers can be obtained on the Internet with just a few mouse clicks and compared transparently with each other, the providers are under a great deal of competitive pressure.


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