On you can finance your car cheaply.


In order to make the dream of buying a new car come true, more and more customers are turning to the option of leasing.

Cargate cooperates with Cembra Bank for this purpose, where financing can be arranged starting from an effective annual interest rate of 3.9% (incl. residual debt insurance).

In addition, at the end of each configuration you have the possibility to calculate a financing. The provided financing calculator allows you to enter the usual running times and down payment options. If your desired period or your desired payment amount is not selectable, you can contact us at any time by telephone. We currently only offer full amortisation leasing. In this case, the acquisition costs of the leased asset and the financing costs are paid in full within the agreed term, but there is no transfer of ownership. For tax reasons, the leased object still has a residual book value. The lessee of course receives the right of first refusal and is therefore entitled to the purchase at any time. We recommend that you take out voluntary instalment protection insurance, which comes into effect in the event of unemployment, accident, illness or disability.

A 10-minute phone call is necessary in order to discuss the final financing. You will then immediately receive information about the credit decision.

If this is positive, you will receive all the necessary documents as a pdf by e-mail. As soon as these have been signed by you and returned to us by post, the financing is final and nothing more stands in the way of your new car purchase.

Cash Loan

Buy your dream car right now. Because this financing solution is very flexible: you don't have to pay the purchase price all at once and benefit from attractive installments, fixed interest rates and flexible terms of up to 60 months, the decision is entirely up to you.

In addition, with this financing you drive without mileage restrictions and there is no obligation to take out fully comprehensive insurance. We recommend that you take out voluntary instalment protection insurance, which comes into effect in the event of unemployment, accident, illness or disability. So you will certainly enjoy all the advantages. Interest can be deducted from taxes in many places (for more information, please contact your cantonal or local tax office).

So if you decide to finance a new car, you should consider the following aspects when choosing your financing options:

  1. How favourable a loan is depends on the effective annual interest rate and the agreed term of the loan.
  2. The longer a loan runs, the higher the total interest burden adds up.
  3. A meaningful credit comparison is therefore only possible if the loan terms of the various offers are identical.

The shorter the term, the higher the monthly instalment to pay off the entire loan amount. Apart from the effective annual interest rate, the amount of the monthly rate is therefore also decisive. The borrower should calculate before conclusion whether it can raise the monthly rates, without getting into a financial bottleneck.

It is always an advantage to pay as much of the purchase price as possible. The special payment lowers the loan amount and the interest added. The pre-payment can take place with the dealer occasionally over the Inzahlungnahme of a used car. Anyone who has neither a used car nor sufficient credit can switch to financing without a down payment.

It is however connected consequently with a higher monthly rate or longer running time. In this case, it is important to carefully consider in advance whether the monthly instalment can be paid over a longer period of time. In case of doubt you should rather choose a cheaper car. If the desired car is a younger model or even a new car, it is advisable to take out fully comprehensive insurance in order to avoid private co-payments even in the event of an accident for which you are responsible.

You can read the complete financing brochure and the advantages and disadvantages of financing and leasing in this PDF.

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